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Eating fresh produce is perhaps our only interaction with nature.
The word "Natural" refers to the way farmers grow and process agricultural products, without using toxic, persistent pesticides and fertilizers,
which are known to contaminate soil, air, water and food such as fruits, vegetables, grains and dairy products.

So, the big question is - Why Natural?

It is a common misconception that conventional food that we eat when washed thoroughly, removes all harmful pesticides and chemicals, making the food completely safe and edible. The fact is, pesticide residues and heavy metals accumulate inside the plant and get into our systems when we consume them.

Our daily intake of pesticides ranges from 147% to 7218% for adults and for kids it is estimated to be between 214% to 7218%, in India. Studies at the Agency for Toxic Substances and disease registry, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services proves that natural foods have 27% more vitamin C, 21.1% more iron, 29.3% more magnesium, and 13.6% more phosphorus, compared to conventional food items. Pesticide residue in conventional food suppresses the body's immune system, normal growth of the nervous system and cognitive development. Also, a steady deterioration in male reproductive health

has been reported with the regular use of conventional agricultural products. Many state governments have woken up to the importance of natural farming and have announced several incentives for farmers to go natural.

Natural foods have higher nutritional value than conventional foods, according to multiple researches. Some studies have linked pesticides in our food to everything from headaches to cancer to birth defects. A few experts maintain that the residue levels in conventional food are safe for most healthy adults. But even low-level pesticide exposure, can be significantly more toxic for fetuses and children, due to their developing immune systems. For pregnant women, chemical residue laden food can put added strain on their already taxed organs. Prolonged and continuous use of natural products will result in the human body developing a natural immune system to fight disease.

Lets Go ahead with Healthy Living !

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