Subscription Packs


  • The subscribers will receive weekly once, a bouquet of 5 Greens, in a combination so as to prepare 1- Dry(Poriyal/ Curry), 2 - Semi-Gravy(kadaisal/Masiyal/Kootu), 3- Thuvyal/Chuttney, 4 - Decoction/ Extract/ Juice/ Essence, 5  - Garnishing/Dressing.
  • We have  worked out a special  algorithm to ensure that there is no repetition, at the same time  providing you an opportunity to taste and relish  all the rare varieties ( 40+) . 
  • All the subscribers will receive “NallaKerai” which are processed (Selectively plucked, cleaned after removing old-Yellowish-weeds) in biodegradable bags.
    These need not be refrigerated and will stay fresh for a minimum period of 48 Hrs.
  • 48 Door deliveries for 1 year Subscription & 24 for half yearly.


This weekly package will have 3 - 6 varieties ( 30+ ) of 500 Kg each (3 Kgs in total). No of varieties will depend upon the size of the fruit. Since we deal only in seasonal fruits and some of them are too huge,  varieties may be only 2-3 (like Watermelon ,Papaya) .


This weekly package will have 20 Varieties of vegetables in the following proportion 
(Common = 12 + Country = 4 (34) + Hill = 4 (28)  = 20 )

Common Vegetables

We have meticulously planned a wholesome pack which contains veggies + other major necessary items which goes into preparation of any vegetable based dish like Dry/ Gravy/ Semi Gravy).

These common 12 varieties will be part of our supply throughout the subscription period.

Potato 1KG
Tomato 1KG
Big Onion 1KG
Keerai 1 BUNDLE
Green chilli 100 Gms
Ginger 100 Gms
Coconut 1 No
Lemon 4 Nos
Banana -Raw/Flower/Stem Any one
Coriander (கொத்தமல்லி) 1 BUNDLE
Curry leaves (கருவேப்பிலை) 1 BUNDLE
Mint (புதினா) 1 BUNDLE

Country Vegetables

Our weekly supply will contain 4 vegetables out of  34 varieties  .
2 of them will be 500gm and the other 2 will be 250gm each.

Hill Vegetables

Our weekly supply will contain 4 vegetables out of 28  varieties.  
2 of them will be 500gm and the other 2 will be 250gm each.

VEGETABLES –SP ( Small Pack)

This is designed for smaller families  with lesser number of varieties and quantity too.


This monthly package is highly customized as preference and requirement for each household varies widely.

For easier pick we have grouped it under these categories:

Rice, Millets, Pulses, Oil, Dairy Products, Sweetener, spices, cosmetic, snacks, health mix, health care & other Value Added Products(VAP).

You can choose any combination of these items not less than Rs.4, 000 per Month.