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To market, to market

Chefs at The Park join hands with local farmers from Nalla Keerai to create an organic brunch, complete with a little pop up vegetable market

Murungai in your latte

R Jeganathan of Nalla Keerai in Pakkam village and Chef Malar Mannan of The Park hotel are joining hands to encourage consumers..

New farmers and a 'nalla' idea

At a time when farmers are quitting agriculture and heading to cities in search of jobs, these young men have turned?

Going green for a living

Many youngsters have quit their jobs to be part of the Nalla Keerai initiative that now supplies..

The Greens Brigade

A team of youngsters silently carry out an organic food revolution in the outskirts of our city through their venture Nallakeerai.

Entrepreneurs on a social, organic mission

CHENNAI: They may well be hailed as a new breed of entrepreneurs who shuffled careers, fired by a mission...

An organic farmer is role model.

An organic farmer is role model for educated youth, many from the corporate world?

A successful model in organic farming

Anyone who saw the latest episode of ?Satyameva Jayate? would have got a glimpse?

City throngs to organic food mela

Stalls selling cereals, nuts, spices, snacks and books dotted the organic food mela?