R & D

Nallakeerai Methodology

  • Nallakeerai cultivates Greens and Vegetables on raised beds, following Permaculture methods. This is a result of continuous R&D of more than 7 years.
  • The raised beds are nourished with a manure mix, containing farmyard manure, Ash and Saw dust, a unique combination that improves microbial growth.
  • The improved medium reduces manpower and hence the cost of continuous weeding.
  • The objective is to improve the soil health and fertility, which would then lend itself for growth of any kind of crops.
  • The crop rotation and planning are done meticulously based on the demands of the market.


Key Information about the Model Farm

Total area of the model

10,000 Sq. Ft / 25 Cents / 1/4 Acre

Number of beds


Area of each bed

100 Sq. Ft

Total Area of the beds

7500 Sq. Ft

Total area of working space

2500 Sq. Ft

Variety of greens cultivated


Harvest / Month

5000 Bunches