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Monitered for FOOD SAFETY  &  Periodically Tested

Nallakeerai Ghee Ghee is free of harmful chemical pesticides, artificial hormones, and GMO's (Genetically Modified Organism).

Rich and highly nutrional , benefits eye bone health.. Remarkable for its distinctive aroma & flavour, this contains healthy fat soluble vitaminsTraditionally processed “Nallakeerai’s”Pure Cow ghee is made by churning the curd, the process which gives it natural unique aromatic flavour and texture.

In the age of all round adulteration, this pure ghee made by age old traditional method, gives energy and strength without the high dose of cholesterol; since this is prepared from curd which has natural human friendly bacteria, it gives extra fresh oxygen to the blood which rejuvenates us, elevates our mood. 

Apart from this our curd based traditionally processed ghee has preventive as well as curative attributes. It aids in digestion, improves IQ levels, balances hormones. It has also antiviral and anti cancer properties which comes from its butyric acid content and it is excellent for brain development in kids, pregnant and lactating women, elderly and young.

Value Added Product

Products like Flours, Sweets etc. that entails changing a raw agricultural product into something new through packaging, processing, cooling, drying, extracting or any other type of process that differentiates the product from the original raw commodity are classified as Value Added Products (VAP).

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